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The following song is a very heart touching love song.This is a surreal song.Here the poet used so many metaphors to narrate the love.It seems to me that our poet wrote this song in memory of his beloved lady, Nargis (Comilla). I tried to translate it english but It’s very difficult.please, excuse me for my unwanted mistakes.

মোরা আর জনমে হংস–মিথুন ছিলাম, ছিলাম নদীর জলে
যুগলরূপে এসেছি গো আবার মাটির ঘরে।।
তমাল তরু চাঁপা–লতার মত
জড়িয়ে কত জনম হ’ল গত,
সেই বাঁধনের চিহ্ন আজো জাগে হিয়ার থরে থরে।।
বাহুর ডোরে বেঁধে আজো ঘুমের ঘোরে যেন
ঝড়ের বন–লতার মত লুটিয়ে কাঁদ কেন।
বনের কপোত কপোতাক্ষীর তীরে
পাখায় পাখায় বাঁধা ছিলাম নীড়ে
চিরতরে হ’ল ছাড়াছাড়ি নিঠুর ব্যাধের শরে।।
we were a couple of swans in our another life ,
We were in river water.
we came back again as a couple in the house of earth.

As like asTamal trees and chapa crepers embrace eachother,
Just like that so many life times have been elapsed.
Still today marks of that bondage arise by layers in our hearts.
As during sleepy state clinging me by your arms,
like forest crepers during storm.
Why do you cry today by dropping on the ground?

As pigeons of forest we were entangled by wings in the nest, on the bank of the kopotaski.

But now,we were separated forever, by an arrow of a cruel hunter.

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